replica of 10th century spanish chapiter

replica of 10th century spanish chapiter

Material: deconstructed limestone

Period: 2020

Origin: Spain

Dimensions: 26 x 22 x 22 cm.

Dimensions: H: 26cm. W: 22cm. D: 22cm.

Weight: 12KG 

Replica of caliphal chapiter from the 10th Century:

Life-size replica of the original that belonged to the Salón Rico of the caliphal city of Medina Azahara-Córdoba-Spain. Using natural stone materials and following a rigorous manual artisan process, the limestone finish piece makes unique in terms of shape, texture and color. The original was carved with the trephine, a traditional Byzantine technique known as 'hornet's nest'. This type of capital was reserved for the royal halls of the Omeya period. Of exquisite workmanship, cubic proportion and fully cylindrical basket, acanthus leaves and decorated with floral themes. The smooth abacus, the absence of talus together with the loss of volutes make it special. 

Bibliography in Tratado de Arquitectura Hispanomusulmana by Basilio Pavón Maldonado. 

Similar chapiter in the Museo Arqueológico de Córdoba (Spain). 

Certificate of authenticity.