'pure I/II II/II' by tom smetsers

'pure I/II II/II' by tom smetsers

Material: copper

Period: 2020

Origin: Netherlands

Dimensions: 23 x 28 x 5 cm.

Dimensions: H: 23cm. W: 28cm. D: 5cm. 

Sculpture titled 'Pure I/II II/II' made by the artist Tom Smetsers. The material used is copper and the artwork was made in 2020 in Netherlands. Signed, dated and titled. 

Tom Smetsers began his artistic career in 2005, after acquiring technical and craft skills. The origin of his sculptures is in nature. The relocation of his studio to a rural area and the desire to create are the basis of his works, in which peace and simplicity prevail. After a period of experimentation, his most recent work has become solid and possesses the balance, sophistication and harmony that he desired. Anyone who talks about Tom Smetsers is easily carried away by his enthusiasm, overwhelmed by his determination, moved by his energy. All his works are made of copper.