Terre Figuiere pottery

Terre Figuiere pottery

Material: glazed terracotta

Period: 2020

Origin: France

Dimensions: 27 x 24 x 24 cm.

Dimensions: H: 27cm. W: 24cm. D: 24cm. 

Anduze vase, classic style garden pot, French artisan manufacture. 

Traditional local French pottery from Anduze, France, from the Terre Figuiere factory, glazed in blue. 

Anduze is the ceramics capital of the Cevennes, France. Its famous vase has been made since 1610. The symbol of the gardens of southern France during the 18th Century. The Terre Figuiere factory, now active with its small productions, has recovered the nobility of this beautiful piece beyond a fashionable phenomenon. 

Weight: 3KG.

Price for two pieces.